Mad About Bridget

I would like to think that many bloggers love reading as much as they do writing. And if they do then I should fit right in. In relation to this, if you’re reading this post (which if just one person does, I’ll be happy), and you’re a blogger, reader, writer, critic or just ended up here by mistake, then I have a question for you.

Have you ever fallen in love…with a character from a book?

Or is that just me? (That’s two questions I know).

Several years ago I found a tattered old copy of Helen Fielding’s “Bridget Jones’ Diary” in a box in my Dad’s shed. How it got there I’ll never know, but I’ll be forever grateful that it did.

I was still in my fanatical “Harry Potter” reading days so delving into Bridget’s world was definitely a big step for me. I went from fantasizing about being called to Hogwarts to wishing I could be best friends with a thirty year old mess who seemed to be a disaster in every conceivable way yet still managed to pull herself into a mini skirt and “Keep Buggering On”!

Looking back I feel that Bridget helped me though a teenage transition where everything seems to be a mess, doesn’t it? Whatever I was going through, Bridget ‘got me’. I came to love the character so much and thought to myself “I wish she were real”.

Several years later and I have been reunited with my best fictional character friend (BFCF for short) and this time was even better than before! The excitement of beginning this brand new book and hearing Bridget’s voice in my head probably brought me an unnatural happiness, but she didn’t let me down. I stereo-typically sat in a Starbucks and delved into my new read. I laughed out loud…people looked…I didn’t care. I cried at home, which brought quizzical looks from my family…I didn’t care. And when my kindle said that I was eighty-nine per cent of the way through the book, I slowed down my reading only to savor what could be my last moments with Bridget and…I did care…A LOT!

It is for reasons like this that, as I said in my first post, I am so happy to have regained my habit of reading. Stories can be so powerful. We can live through them and escape our realities, even if just for a short while. So my thanks today go to Helen Fielding for bringing me my BFCF and to Bridget for always giving me a laugh and teaching me to KBO!!


P.S. None of that is to say I don’t still fantasize about being called to Hogwarts. We’ll leave that for another day.


About thenewsherlockholmes

I am a graduate of English and Sociology and am soon to embark on a Masers in Secondary School teaching of English, Drama and Social Studies. I love to write, read and in my head I speak just like I read 'Bridget Jones' :)
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