Counting coppers…


There comes a time every year (or month) when I hit an all time financial low. I’m pretty confident I’m not the only person it happens to too. It’s a time when, as someone who gets paid by the hour, work is short, tips are terrible, all my bills arrive at once and I overspend on my cedit card and then immediately regret it!

Usually when this happens I have a sit down with myself, take out my notepad and try and do some damage control, a.k.a putting a plan together to “manage my money”. It entails me working out how much money I have to put away each week in order to pay back each bill, workout how much money I shouldn’t have spent in the last month (which results in me vowing not to do the same this month), convincing myself that I MUST have lent someone money along the way that I am now owed (very rare) and then last but not least…I count my coppers!

I pour out my one, two and five cent coins onto my bed and hope for some miracle to happen so that my three euro and forty seven cent actually adds up eight hundred and thirty two euro and solves all of my problems!

This obviously never happens!! In fact, in the time I spent counting out my hundred little tiny coins that make my hands smell bad I probably could have offered to walk my neighbors’ dog or do a strangers ironing and earn some money that would actually be helpful to me!

At least I can keep it in mind for next time 🙂

(No I won’t 😉 )


About thenewsherlockholmes

I am a graduate of English and Sociology and am soon to embark on a Masers in Secondary School teaching of English, Drama and Social Studies. I love to write, read and in my head I speak just like I read 'Bridget Jones' :)
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2 Responses to Counting coppers…

  1. mhobloggeruk says:

    Welcome to blogging! Your so right, coins are stinky. I actually like those Coinstar machines: the one’s that count all your change for you. (Though they are so noisy and make you look wealthy, I am surprised I ever get out of a shop without being mugged!)

    I have found blogging to be harder than I first thought so if I can be of any help to you please contact me again.

    Best wishes and good, good luck with your blog


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