Blogging is hard!

I’m going to begin this post with what I’ve named it…Blogging is hard!!!


I’ve always loved writing. Even as a ten year old and a Jacqueline Wilson fanatic I used to write my own versions of her stories. So when I decided to give blogging a go I thought it would be easy enough! How hard can writing a post every few days be??

Well…if you’re one of my 5 followers (thank you to you by the way) you’ll know that I haven’t written a post since the first week I started up my account :/ At least once a week I come on for a read and say to myself that I should really write something…I then close my WordPress tab and think “I’ll do it tomorrow”.

It’s hard to get motivated!…isn’t it? I’ve very little followers so who and what am I writing for? Myself? The few followers I do have? Just to write? To get stuff off my chest? I’m not even sure myself to be honest.

But today I thought…Yes. Blogging is hard. But you love to write (or type as it goes now), so do it. Who cares if no one reads it, who cares if it’s nonsense you’re just getting off your chest. If you want to be a writer then you have to write! At least that’s what J.K.Rowling says anyway and I’d be pretty confident taking her advice 🙂

Blogging is hard…but I can’t be the only one who think so…right?


About thenewsherlockholmes

I am a graduate of English and Sociology and am soon to embark on a Masers in Secondary School teaching of English, Drama and Social Studies. I love to write, read and in my head I speak just like I read 'Bridget Jones' :)
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4 Responses to Blogging is hard!

  1. SAMPLE.CDL says:

    Blogging is easy if you have that motive and focus for what you’re writing! Have a purpose and surround that 😉

  2. I know how you feel about whether anyone else is reading your posts. However, “from small acorns, oak trees grow.” If you don’t plant anything NOTHING can grow, which is bit like blogging!
    Can I suggest you keep writing and see what happens?

    Best wishes and good luck


  3. Thanks again FTB 🙂 I followed your advice and kept on writing I find it’s getting easier everyday. I realise inspiration can come from everything around us and as long as you can see it you can write about it 🙂 Thanks again for the encouragement!

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