When I hung up the phone after speaking to my mother I wasn’t sure what to think, or even how to feel. The truth of the matter was that I didn’t feel anything, but felt like I should be upset or worried or even concerned. But…nothing. My first instinct was to ring Daniel and tell him how much I really loved him. I looked down at my left hand and felt as if my whole body was swelling with the warmth of happiness that I felt when I looked at the promise he had placed on my ring finger. The promise to love me as long as we both lived, to take me as I was no matter what.

I was unsure as to what my mother meant when she had said that she presumed somebody else had told me about what had happened. Why would she have even thought that? James and I had had an extremely short-lived relationship. We had been friends for years but became close when we were reunited working in a sales office. It was not until I had left however that we decided to get together as a couple. It only lasted a few months but during that short period of time I had fallen head over heels in love with him, and thought that he had felt the same. Unfortunately that wasn’t the case. One day he had ultimately decided not to return my calls or texts and after days of no communication I realised that this was his way of ending things.

For months I was upset, numb even. I had no energy to leave the house, my room was a mess and I felt like Bridget Jones after her disaster of a relationship with Daniel Cleaver. With the help of my wonderful friends however I pulled myself back together and turned my life around with a new job, a fresh start a new lease for life. When I met Daniel, I knew that what I had had with James was nothing but puppy-love, this was the real deal.

But would this news change everything…?


About thenewsherlockholmes

I am a graduate of English and Sociology and am soon to embark on a Masers in Secondary School teaching of English, Drama and Social Studies. I love to write, read and in my head I speak just like I read 'Bridget Jones' :)
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