Death of a Celebrity

The face was everywhere. Every newspaper I picked up. Every web page I went on to. Messages plastered on every social media outlet: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram.

I felt sadness. But why? How can you be upset over the death of someone you’d never even vaguely known or met or spoke to on the telephone?

It is at times like this that we realise the power of celebrity.

A single “A list celebrity”;

Everyone knows them, or at least feel that they do. Everyone cares for them. Everyone is affected by their leaving the world. Whether it be because they aspired to be like them, were inspired by them, laughed and cried because of their performances or even just loved what they did…they connect us all.

We are all connected to one another through the world of celebrity. You like someone, I like them too, another famous person has loved them their whole life as well. Even though we’ll most likely never meet…we all have something in common. We are all connected through our love for that person on the screen and in the magazine cover.

As a result. With a united front we will mourn the loss of that public figure. Collectively we will remember them, think of how they touched our lives and help them to live on.


About thenewsherlockholmes

I am a graduate of English and Sociology and am soon to embark on a Masers in Secondary School teaching of English, Drama and Social Studies. I love to write, read and in my head I speak just like I read 'Bridget Jones' :)
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